Maximilian Berndt
— Creative Developer


I am a Creative Developer, focused on creating interactive projects, from large scale experiences to small, playful landing pages. With a background in Digital Design, I am sensitive towards layout, typography, and animation.
Currently at Your Majesty in Amsterdam.




Squid Game: The Challenge

Your Majesty — Development

Campaign site for Squid Game: The Challenge, centred around the questions "Everyone has a price - what is yours?"


Zero Studios — Development

Fun physics based splash page for a new CBD brand.

10 Things 300

Your Majesty — Development

As a celebration of 300 newsletters we created a place to explore and interact with the insightful pieces we’ve shared over the years.

Oliver Bernotat

Freelance — Design & Development

Content focused interactive site for a Director. With a custom video player and the design inspired by movie posters/credits.


Zero Studios — Development

We partnered with Windmill to launch their fresh take on AC, with simple installation and a beautifully designed product to help you take care of your air.

Canvas Medical

Zero Studios — Development

Highly modular site for an innovative medical startup.

The Imaginary Museum

Your Majesty — Development

Ar exhibition and digital platform inspired by the book "Le Musée Imaginaire", of former French Minister of Culture, André Malraux.
Art Direction by Geoffrey Lillemon

PWC Spaces

Demodern — Development

Business focused metaverse platform for pwc. Infinitely scalable with features such as customisable avatars, configurable worlds, seamless video calls, chats and much more.
Read full case study

Hansgrohe Bathroom Inspirator

Demodern — Development

Unique bathroom inspirator for hansgrohe to be used on the web and as a pos installation.
Read full case study

New Aesthetic

Freelance — Design & Development

One page scroll site for a new Book release.
With my friends Sophia Brinkgerd and
Leonhard Laupichler.


University — Design & Development

Revealing information about a room with an interactive data visualization.

Person interacting with the installationCloseup

Studio Lyon Szot

Freelance — Development

Portfolio site for an architecture studio based in Brooklyn, NY.
Design by Neil Nisbet.

Robin Golf

Zero Studios — Development

Leonhard Laupichler

Freelance — Development

Minimal Portfolio and type shop.


University — Design & Development

Loom allows visitors to experience the art of spinning yarn for themselves. Using the original, historic loom as our guide, we created an interactive station. Guided by a chatbot and an AR-Overlay that reacts to the users real-time input the visitor learns to spin yarn. Ultimately the visitor creates their own virtual cloth, based on their unique interaction data.

Person using the station
StationCloseup of the interface

Steffen Strehl

Freelance — Design & Development

Portfolio website for an experimental industrial designer.

Ulrike Markus

Freelance — Design & Development


University — Design and Development

Building intrinsic motivation through the development of an emotional attachment.

Person holding the jumprope and the app
Closeup of the jumprope handlesPrototype breadboard

Zero Studios

Zero Studios — Development

Fun site for a full service design studio in NYC.

Telekom IFA

Demodern — Design

Immersive AR Experience to show the Telekom Services.

Person holding a tabled with the ar worldAR world

Chasing Paper

Zero Studios — Development

Highly modular, content packed site with fun sliders and interactive elements.