Bringing strangers together through an abstract visualization.

My Role

Concept, Development

What it is all about

The user can interact with trinity in two different ways. First by simply stepping in trinitys field of view it opens up more. Then he can raise his hand to make trinity rotate faster. If there are enough people standing in front of trinity and they raise their hands, particles, that are scattered throughout the room start to make their way into the center and form a second layer around the light source. This collaborative achievement should spark a moment in which the users, that can be complete strangers, start talking to each other.

Giving data a shape

Trinity consists of several components. In the middle there is a light source, surrounding there are triangle surfaces that form two layers around the light source. Additionally, there are small particles scattered around the room, which are revealed when there are enough people in front of Trinity.
Trinity opens and lights up the more people there are and thus signaling a possibility of being interacted with.


Behind the installation

The setup itself is pretty simple. Only a projector, a laptop and a Kinect is needed. Of course the installation could be made more interesting with projection mapping and the use of a smoke machine.

Our approach

Starting this project we knew that we wanted to use the data of a Kinect to build an abstract interactive visualization. We thought about how we might transform that data into an object and also make it possible for the user to interact with it. Furthermore we had the goal of creating a memorable experience for the user.


What I learned

As a first project at university, Trinity was a project that allowed me to build a foundation in all of the major areas, that were essential in my program. Teamwork, prototyping, development and testing, using new technologies. It gave me the opportunity to get some hands-on experience with Processing and Kinect and most importantly of all the invaluable experience of working with a teammate, with whom I developed a long lasting friendship and many other projects.



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