Trying to get closer to something that can not be finished.

My Role

Design, Development

The starting point

Since beginning of my program, I have been able to gain insight into many different fields of design. Throughout that time design and programming have always been my favorite areas, to varying degrees. I’ve created different portfolios that not only show my projects, but also reflect me as a person.

First time is the hardest

This portfolio featured a side scroll project overview as well as simple case studies. I also programmed a straightforward function that would change the language and save it. I moved away from this version because I was feeling bored with it and wanted to explore more within design, Javascript and HTML. Looking back, if I cleaned up the typography and found a better solution for the side scrolling, I think this could have become a good portfolio.

The over ambitious one

This portfolio is by far the one I learned the most from. My wish at the time was to become a creative developer, therefore my goal was to express that through the design and style. I utilized monospace type, interactions, hover effects and case studies. I used a routing library to achieve a website without reloads, and developed a new menu structure. I believe the biggest problem with this portfolio was the limited responsiveness, in addition to overly lengthy case studies. Everything was just too confusing and focused more on achieving a certain look, than actually being usable.

Cleaning things up

In an attempt to make my portfolio easier accessible I replaced the crazy lines with preview images of the respective projects. The layout of the case studies was also cleaned up and simplified. Everything felt so much smoother and less confusing. That also benefited the mobile site as it was finally navigateable. When starting this redesign I used gulp for the first time, which made it so much easier to minify and optimize my site for production.

Making things simple again

Feeling fed up with the overly complicated design of my last portfolio, I decided to step backward and redo my portfolio in a much simpler way. I was beginning to realize that I had more interest in being a designer rather than a developer, so I wanted my portfolio to reflect that as well. The idea was to have a developer undertone by using a monospace font for the headlines and combine that with a sans serif font and a lot of whitespace.  Also making it simpler allowed me to focus on the details like proper responsiveness and typesetting.


What I learned

By going through all of these iterations of my portfolio, I was able to learn and discover many new things related to design and programming. Exploring different design styles, learning more html, css, javascript, gulp and getting to know other libraries were all part of this process. There are so many other ideas I had that are not being shown here and were not developed. By now my portfolio will likely have changed from the latest version shown here because let’s be honest, a designer’s portfolio is never finished.